About Sorriso Verde

Sorriso Verde's aims to become a serious and enthusiastic player within the flower industry. A company that always thinks in terms of Win-Win. This is a philosophy we apply to all relationships, whether external (between suppliers and customers) or internal (between the employer and employees)

That's why our motto is: Partners in Success!

Our core values?

To be able to create Win-Win situations in practice, the following values must be kept in mind:

  • Fun: The engine of a healthy organisation! Any performance, first and foremost is based on whether we enjoy the work we do.
  • Growth: Both our employees, our suppliers and our customers must be able to grow through their relationship with our company. We inspire one another in order to keep on growing
  • Honesty: Honesty and integrity. That's why the collective agreement is: We do what we say and we say what we do.
  • Commitment: Sorriso Verde is committed to all its employees, business contacts and to the organisation itself. An aspect we are proud to have exemplified in our corporate philosophy.
  • Individuality: As a company, we are happy to give our employees the freedom to be creative and to feel secure in th